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Partial Hospitalization


Patients dealing with any number of long-term or severe substance abuse disorders or conditions in and around Montana will find that they have several options in treatment settings available to them. For the most part, these options will fall under the umbrella of two major subcategories: inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation centers, although some facilities and centers will straddle the line between the two, as is often the case with things like partial hospitalization treatment. The real key, then, to finding the type of rehabilitation program and facility that works best for you will come from doing your research, assessing your individual needs, and (most importantly) sticking with the program, no matter how difficult the recovery process might feel at times. Here’s a look at some of the options in addiction treatment settings available in Montana and the surrounding areas.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs

Also known as residential addiction treatment, inpatient rehab offers a full-time, live in rehabilitation experience. These hospital or clinic facilities are medically supervised detoxification centers where patients check in and do not leave until they are clean and sober. Trained medical professionals and health care teams are on staff and available at these facilities at all times, and they often offer access to a host of other professional help like social workers, therapists, counselors, nurses, religious professionals, occupational therapists, and family or group therapists as well. These facilities often provide intensive aftercare programs to their patients, and are tailored towards long-term or severe addictions and substance abuse issues.

For those patients who have been suffering from an addiction for years, those who have tried unsuccessfully to quit in the past, those who do not have a safe and comfortable place to get clean, or patients suffering from various other physical or mental health issues in conjunction with their addiction, the inpatient rehab centers found throughout Montana and the surrounding areas are often a good choice and offer an excellent chance at long-term sobriety. However, residential treatment isn’t without its drawbacks. Live-in facilities require a hefty time and financial commitment, and not everyone is readily available to meet these immediately.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Programs

Available in both standard and intensive programs, outpatient rehabilitation centers are facilities where a patient continues to live either in their own home or a sober living center or group home, and attends anywhere from one to six hours of treatment a day in a specialized clinic, hospital, or rehab center.

The type of treatments in these centers varies by person, addiction, and facility, but most include detox, counseling, group therapy, and aftercare provided by a wide variety of medical professionals. Outpatient rehab usually lasts several months to a year.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Often referred to as PHT or PHP, partial hospitalization is a combination of in and outpatient treatment programs. It’s when a patient stays at a clinic or hospital rehab center during the daytime hours, and goes home at night and on the weekend. Patients do not stay in the hospital overnight or on the weekends, and the total time spent in inpatient care rarely surpasses 20-25 hours weekly. Partial hospitalization provides a mix of medical services, therapy, counseling, and aftercare services.

Partial hospitalization could be the perfect treatment option for you or your loved one. Contact an addiction specialist today to learn more about how you can get help.